A helping hand

We're not ones to kick a game when it's down – after all, we really like parts of Ready at Dawn's inaugural PlayStation 4 exclusive – but The Order: 1886 is probably the last title on the planet that needed a 256 page strategy guide. Still, that's exactly what Brady Games has produced, and it's already proving a hit in some hardcore gaming circles.

The image embedded to the right – which may contain spoilers – nonchalantly informs you which buttons to push during a QTE sequence. To be fair to whoever's written it, they have at least tried to make the gameplay sound exciting, describing this particular encounter as a "quick five-button prompt sequence [in which] two Knights meet, man to man".

Even better are the sarcastic Amazon reviews which have started to appear in the wake of this snarky snap. "I am so glad that they released the strategy guide of this game," explained 'Ed' in his glowing 5-star review. "I was getting frustrated when the buttons started to appear on the screen; I never thought that you have to press them until the strategy guide told me to do it."

To be fair, the game isn't all QTEs, as there is plenty of exploration as well. Consequentially, the guide actually includes the locations of all of the game's collectibles, in addition to, presumably, plenty of art work and extra information on the release. Of course, if you want to get the Platinum Trophy, you could just read our The Order: 1886 Trophy Guide for free.

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