The Order: 1886 PS4 PlayStation 4 Trophy Guide

The Order: 1886 has its fair share of problems, but if you're a fan of story-focused games, then you may yet wring some enjoyment out of Ready at Dawn's alternate history affair. The good news for Trophy hunters is that the PlayStation 4 exclusive's Platinum pot is blissfully easy to obtain, with all of the trinkets available in a single seven or so hour playthrough. With that in mind, we figured that we'd take you on a tour of London – and show you how to obtain all of the package's various gongs.

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The Order: 1886 PS4 PlayStation 4 Road Map

The Order: 1886 PS4 Trophy Road Map

The Order: 1886 is a story driven game, so you may want to simply enjoy your first playthrough before even looking at the Trophy list. Seeing as the campaign is short, we'd recommend that you kick back first time around, as you can always use Chapter Select to mop up any remaining trinkets later.

Of course, if you want to get all of the Trophies in a single playthrough, then the main thing to be aware of is the various collectibles. These range from phonograph cylinders which can be listened to in the pause menu, all the way through to the newspapers that you'll uncover around London. We've included links to various videos to help you to find these, but you'll need to be careful, because there's no real way to track what you've missed. Fortunately, your progress will carry over to different playthroughs, so you can just use Chapter Select to uncover anything that you've overlooked.

Finally, there are a handful of combat related trinkets that you'll need to unlock on the path to the Platinum. Make sure that you're using a good variety of weapons, and always aiming for the head in order to grab the majority of these. You'll most likely collect a chunk of the gongs naturally during gameplay, but again, if you're trying to do everything in one playthrough, then you should probably wrap your head around the individual trinket tips below.

As already mentioned, though, don't worry if you reach the credits with some Trophies still missing, as you can easily mop up using Chapter Select. In fact, if you're missing a few weapons related trinkets, you can even restart checkpoints to build up your body count quickly – it doesn't really get much easier than this, does it?

The Order: 1886 PS4 PlayStation 4 Platinum Trophy Tips

The Order: 1886 PS4 Trophy Guide

The Grail - Platinum
Collect all trophies

Unlock every other Trophy in the game, and the Platinum will pop. Easy-peasy.

A Knight No More - Gold
Complete the game (any difficulty)

You simply need to reach the end of the game to grab this gong. Play through the campaign on the difficulty of your choosing, and this Trophy will be yours.

The Marksman - Gold
Kill 5 enemies with a headshot during Blacksight

Blacksight can be activated using the L1 button, and is available from Chapter 2 onwards. Using it temporarily slows down time, allowing you to pick off enemies with ease. It regenerates over time, so as long as you use it often, you will almost certainly unlock this naturally. However, it's worth noting that the targeting is random, so simply keep pumping a single adversary with lead until you land the headshot. You only need to get five of these in total (not in a row), so you shouldn't have too many issues with this. Remember, that you can always use Chapter Select to go back and grab this if you miss it first time.

Well Rounded - Gold
Kill an enemy with every weapon

There are 16 weapons in the game and one explosive grenade, and you'll need to get a kill with each of these in order to unlock this Trophy. A lot of the weapons will be added to your arsenal for story purposes, but you will need to grab some off goons as you play. You'll find these littering the environment, so simply press Triangle to pick them up, and then make sure that you score at least one kill before moving on to something new.

These are all of the weapons: C-78 Auto Loading Pistol, MK 1 Service Revolver, M2 Falchion Auto-Rifle, Duellist Revolver, M82 Self Loader Carbine, M85 Automatisch, M84 Marksman Carbine, RA-5 Repeating Shotgun, M86 Thermite Rifle, C-81 Maschinenpistole, 'Three Crown' Coach Gun, T-23 Arc Induction Lance, M4 'Dragoon' Revolver, TS-29 Cannon, TS-17 'Detonator', Repeating Arbalest, and MK IV Grenade.

Modern Marvels - Gold
Kill 40 enemies with science weapons

You'll almost certainly unlock this in Chapter 8, as the story forces you to use the TS-29 Cannon while you're perched on top of a bus. Simply shoot every enemy that spawns, and by the time that you're done, the Trophy will pop. Just replay Chapter 8 in Chapter Select should you not get it.

Collateral Damage - Gold
Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion

As with 'Modern Marvels', there's a good chance that you'll grab this during the TS-29 Cannon section in Chapter 8. Simply wait for goons to huddle together, and then blast them using a rocket. If the Trophy doesn't pop, play the section again using Chapter Select until you get it.

Between the Eyes - Silver
Kill 100 enemies with a headshot

As long as you aim for the head during combat sequences, you should unlock this Trophy naturally during the campaign. Pistols are particularly accurate if you want to rack up some easy headshots, but there are more than enough sniper sequences during the adventure as well. Simply use Chapter Select to return to combat heavy areas if you miss out on this during your first playthrough.

Undivided Attention - Silver
Kill 25 enemies during Blacksight

You'll likely get this while going for 'The Marksman'. Blacksight can be enabled using the L1 button, and recharges fast, so use it regularly and this Trophy will be yours. The reticule turns red when you've landed a kill, so if you want to maximise the power-up, make sure that you switch targets using the right analogue stick each time that an adversary falls. It's possible to get upward of four or five kills per use of the mechanic.

From the Hip - Silver
Kill 25 enemies without aiming

Simply hold R2 to fire your weapon without aiming. You can do this to approaching enemies from behind cover, but the easiest way is to dial the difficulty down to Easy, and then approach adversaries while firing from the hip. If you need to farm this, both Chapter 3 and Chapter 8 include plenty of basic combat encounters.

Box Your Ears - Silver
Kill 15 enemies with melee attacks

There's no dedicated melee button in The Order: 1886, but a button prompt will appear when you're near to foes. Simply push Triangle to perform a takedown. This one is best performed on Easy, as you can quite literally run up to foes and take them out. Chapter 8 is a good place to get this one.

Snuffed Out - Silver
Kill 7 enemies with silent takedowns

Sneaking up on enemies and pushing the Triangle button when the button prompt appears will enable you to perform a stealth takedown, but this trinket cannot be grabbed until Chapter 5 where the mechanic is formally introduced. The best way to get this is to keep playing the 'Commandeered' subsection from the Chapter Select menu, where you're forced to perform a few of these in a row. Hit the Restart Checkpoint option to farm it.

The Order: 1886 PS4 PlayStation 4 Collectibles Guides

Gunslinger - Silver
Kill 75 enemies with pistols

Another simple Trophy if you use your pistols as much as possible. There are five of these in the game, and they're always assigned to the left button on the d-pad. Simply use pistols to off as many foes as possible, and this trinket will drop during the campaign. Jump to Chapter 8 – where you'll have the M4 'Dragoon' Revolver automatically equipped – if you need to farm more kills.

The Hunter - Silver
Kill 10 Lycans

There are enough lycan encounters peppered throughout the campaign to make this unmissable. As you progress through the story, you'll unlock this Trophy before the end. Remember that you must initiate a final takedown to finish off a werewolf, otherwise they'll get back up.

Up in Flames - Silver
Incinerate 15 enemies

Incinerating enemies is easy when you've got the M86 Thermite Rifle equipped. Simply shoot gas at enemies, and then light them up using a flare on R1. You'll first encounter this weapon in Chapter 3, but it does pop up later in the campaign. Restart the subsection 'Rebel Contraband' from the Chapter Select menu if you need to farm this.

Inspector First Class - Gold
Find all inspect items

See the 'Power of Observation' Trophy for more on this trinket.

Archivist - Silver
Collect all phonograph cylinders

See the 'Power of Observation' Trophy for more on this trinket.

Well-read - Silver
Inspect all newspapers

See the 'Power of Observation' Trophy for more on this trinket.

Detail Oriented - Silver
Inspect all photographs and documents

See the 'Power of Observation' Trophy for more on this trinket.

Power of Observation - Silver
Inspect all objects

This is definitely the hardest Trophy in The Order: 1886, as aside from phonograph cylinders, it's impossible to track which collectibles you've missed. Fortunately, your progress will carry over between playthroughs, and you can use Chapter Select to mop up any items that you may have missed. You'll also only find collectibles in the following chapters: Always a Knight, Amongst Equals, Inequalities, An Endless Battle, Agamemnon Rising, An Uneasy Alliance, Brothers in Arms, To Save a Life.

There are 77 collectibles in total in the game: 16 phonograph cylinders, 10 newspapers, 16 documents, 11 photographs, 10 inspect objects, and 14 inspect items. As these are easy to miss, we've included video links to all of these per chapter, as created by PowerPyx.

Chapter 1: Always a Knight
Chapter 2: Amongst Equals
Chapter 3: Inequalities
Chapter 4: An Endless Battle
Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising
Chapter 9: An Uneasy Alliance
Chapter 11: Brothers in Arms
Chapter 15: To Save a Life

Brilliant! - Gold
Shoot an airborne grenade during Blacksight

This can be obtained easily in Chapter 3. If you load up the subsection 'Puppet Queen', you'll find that you already have a grenade in your inventory. Equip it and then toss it up in the air. As soon as it's left your grasp, push L1 to go into Blacksight, and target the grenade using the right analogue stick. Fire at it to nab yourself an easy Gold gong.

Discombobulated - Silver
Stun an enemy 30 times with the M2 'Falchion'

You'll get the M2 Falchion Auto-Rifle in Chapter 1, where you must stun an enemy using R1. Simply dial down the difficulty to Easy, and keep stunning enemies using the same button. If you accidentally kill all of the foes, then use Chapter Select to replay this section until the Trophy pops.

Highly Volatile - Silver
Detonate 10 powder kegs

As you progress through the campaign, you'll find red powder kegs littered around the combat arenas. Simply fire at these until they explode, and repeat this process ten times to unlock the Trophy. Play through Chapter 3 a couple of times using Chapter Select if you miss this the first time around.

[ Thanks to PowerPyx and PlayStation Trophies for help with this guide ]

Have you got any Trophy tips for The Order: 1886 that you'd care to share? Have you got an easier solution for any of the gongs? Tip your hat in the comments section below.