Red Dead Redemption PS4 PlayStation 4

Outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter doesn't believe that you'll be seeing a new Red Dead Redemption release on the PlayStation 4 anytime soon, despite publishing overlord Take Two's incessant hints. Speaking with Gaming Bolt, he suggested that developer Rockstar Games would have announced it by now if it was due. "I think that you'll hear about Red Dead at least a year ahead of time," he said.

He does believe that the label will have something in 2015, though, maintaining its record of one new title a year. "They're working on a lot of projects," he continued, suggesting that he expects either an all-new franchise, or a new entry in one of its less popular properties, like Midnight Club or Manhunt. "I think that they could get away with not announcing Midnight Club or Manhunt or whatever until E3."

But it's fresh intellectual property that the Wedbush Securities employee seems fixated on. "I think that the brand new IP that Rockstar has been working on since 2009 will be announced this year. Rockstar tends to not go to E3, so they'll probably have their own event in May or something. Knowing them, they'll probably have it during E3 in another city just to draw attention. But I think that it's a new IP this year – I don't think that it's Red Dead."

Of course, we suspect that these comments are going to scratch open an old wound named Agent, which was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive many moons ago, but never actually released. Should the espionage escapade ever arrive, we wouldn't expect it to launch solely on Sony's systems anymore, but the last that we heard about the title was that it was still in production. It's not out of the realm of possibility, then, we guess.