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In many ways, Resogun is the modern day equivalent of Defender, so we're stoked to learn that developer Housemarque has teamed up with the creator of the 1981 arcade classic, Eugene Jarvis, to make something "explosive". The aforementioned industry veteran has a stunning track record, with Robotron and Smash TV also created under his watchful eye.

"When I saw Resogun, I couldn't believe how these Housemarque guys took Defender to a new level," Jarvis said as part of the announcement. "I wondered: what would happen if we teamed up? Mash up old-school arcade with mad voxel tech and crazed nouveau Helsinki gamers... All I know now is that it's going to be explosive."

In addition to polishing off Resogun's final DLC pack, the Finnish developer is also busy beavering away on Alienation for the PlayStation 4. It's unclear whether this new project will also be a Sony exclusive, but Housemarque does very much feel like part of the first-party furniture these days. Perhaps a full-blown sequel to the studio's next-gen launch title could be on the cards?

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