"No, we're going to win"

You can always count on seasoned Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter to stoke the flames of the fictional format war. Speaking as part of a wide-ranging interview with Game Informer, the outspoken executive has suggested that Sony doesn't really care about outselling the Xbox One with the PlayStation 4 – but it'd still like to be on top as much as possible.

"I'm curious to see if Sony is as serious about winning because when you speak to the Microsoft guys and you say, 'Do you really care if Sony sells more consoles than you, but you sell 150 million consoles of Xbox?' Microsoft would – and I'm paraphrasing – say, 'F***in' A, yes I care.'" We suppose that that explains all of the price drops, huh?

Pachter continued: "If you say the same thing to Sony, they would say, 'If we sell 150 million consoles, who cares what Microsoft does?' So I think that the attitude at Sony is to perform well and make a lot of money, and I think that the attitude at Microsoft is to win. People have different opinions about what's the better way to be."

As a result of this, the former Pach Attack host isn't sure whether the Japanese giant will match Microsoft's most recent Xbox One discount in North America. "They don't mind if they end up in second, but they want to be in first as often as they can, so it's good for gamers," he concluded. "If the price of the PS4 comes down to $349, everybody wins. At $349, you're getting a lot."

Of course, Pachter's not necessarily looking at the global picture here, where Sony's next-gen machine is pushing 20 million units compared to Microsoft's mere 10 million units. With the system flying in Europe, and a good couple of months likely in Japan, we can only see that gap growing over the coming year – price drop or not.

[source gameinformer.com]