He knows it's gonna be good

If you've been itching for plenty of juicy info nuggets regarding Mortal Kombat X, then today's your lucky day. The team behind the upcoming fighter features in the game's newest trailer, and it's stuffed full of details about the title's modes, development, and storyline.

Speaking about the latter, creative director Ed Boon mentions that the release's plot will span 25 years, and as such, you'll get to see how the cast chops and changes throughout. As for new modes, it sounds like the brawler will offer up plenty of content to get your bloodied hands on, including traditional one-on-one online matchups, survivor, king of the hill, and even dynamic towers that the developer plans on tweaking hourly to keep things fresh.

On top of all that, you'll need to pick a faction before hopping online. By performing specific feats in battle, you'll contribute to an ongoing weekly faction war, where the goal is to earn your clan fame and glory. The best part, though, is that you'll be able to earn faction points through any of the title's modes, so no matter how you decide to mutilate your opponents, you'll always be contributing to your new family. How thoughtful.

It's sounding like a heck of a lot of effort is going into Mortal Kombat's latest instalment, but will you be entering the arena this year? Show off your own fatality in the comments section below.