Drawn to Death PS4 PlayStation 4

Details regarding David Jaffe's forthcoming arena shooter Drawn to Death have been sketchy since PlayStation Experience, but the Twisted Metal creator has confirmed on Twitter today that the release will be free-to-play. The news was originally revealed as part of a promotional email sent to PlayStation fans, but the God of War creator has since confirmed the surprising snippet on social media.

"Yes, it's a free-to-play game made by people who don't really like traditional free-to-play," he explained. "We built it as free-to-play from the ground up in order to take the accessibility that we love about free-to-play, while destroying what we hate about it: lack of play balance and pay-to-win. I hope that players think that we've got it right, but know that it's our take on free-to-play, and not what you're used to." We're guessing that he had more curses in mind, but 140 characters can be a nightmare for naughty words.

To be honest, this looked like a $19.99 digital download every day of the week, so we're quite surprised to learn that it's adopting an entirely different model. We trust Jaffe to get the economics right, but it's going to be interesting to see what the developer attempts to sell; given what we know about the title, cosmetics seem most likely right now. Elsewhere, he added that he's excited about working on a "service game", so it certainly seems like the studio has a long post-release road map planned out.

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