Don't be mad, you're in the DLC

It may have sold over 400,000 copies in one week when it launched in Japan, but that hasn't stopped Tales of Zestitia from getting caught in a storm of controversy.

The trailer that we've embedded is for a post-game DLC that centres around one of the game's characters, Alisha, who's also the primary cause of Japanese players giving the title a low user review score on Amazon, after bombarding its page with negative comments.

As it happens, Alisha doesn't actually play too big a role in the release, even though players state that the game's promotional material made it look like she was an important factor in the story. As such, upon hearing that the title's post-launch DLC would be all about Alisha, some users vented their rage online. Fortunately, publisher Bandai Namco recently announced that the download would release for free over its first week of being available.

It all sounds a bit crazy to us, but we're sure there's good reason for such a widespread backlash to occur. Hopefully when the role-playing game finally releases in the West later this year, we can avoid this sort of thing. Are you still looking forward to the newest Tales instalment? Run into us and start a battle in the comments section below.