You seem happy

Although they've got a sizeable and loyal fan base here in the West, the Tales games have never been as popular as they are in their native Japan. That trend doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon, either, as the latest instalment in the franchise, Tales of Zestiria, has sold over 400,000 copies in its homeland since it launched.

It's an impressive figure, and coupled with the fact that it's the series' 20th anniversary, publisher Bandai Namco seems to think that it's a good time to announce that post-game DLC is scheduled for release next month. Focusing on Alisha, one of the title's main characters, the download will expand the plot beyond its original ending, although further details are scarce right now. It's been confirmed, however, that the DLC will be free from the 12th February to the 18th.

In case you've forgotten, Tales of Zestiria is still due to launch this year on Western PlayStation 3s, but we certainly wouldn't count a PS4 port out at this point, either. In any case, we're hoping that free add-ons feature for us when we finally get our hands on the colourful RPG, too.

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