Seeing stars

You may remember our report from earlier in the week, where a group of dedicated Destiny players managed to beat Bungie's hardest raid without firing a gun. Well, now one YouTuber has gone one better, playing through the entirety of Dying Light without ever using a single weapon. That means no grenades, no medieval axes, and certainly no table legs.

To be fair, Techland's surprisingly good undead-'em-up emphasises parkour gameplay, so this sounds like a slightly less unhinged idea than the abovementioned example. Still, seeing as we struggled to kill some of the release's bigger enemies with our electrified machete, there's no doubt that this is an impressive achievement.

You can watch the full playthrough on YouTube, but be warned that you will happen upon spoilers along the way. Are you tough enough to beat the game without any sharpened instruments? Land a couple of haymakers in the comments section below.

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