Titan for life

You need a group of six people to tackle Destiny's Raids efficiently, and even then, they can be pretty bloody tough. Filled with hordes of powerful enemies, demanding environments, and deadly bosses, the shooter's hardest challenges are where the elite love to show off their skills, but we reckon this run, in which one particular team never fires a single bullet, is right up there with the most impressive feats that we've seen.

The gang makes use of Titan characters, all specialised in melee attacks along with blinding bubble shields. The result is a team that traps enemies before punching the absolute snot out of them. It's crazy to watch, especially near the end of the Raid, although we don't want to think about how much time this must have taken to work out and get right.

Watch the full three-part series of videos that we've embedded thanks to YouTube channel Q2foou, and then tell us if you could muster the courage to do something this extreme in the comments section below.

[source reddit.com, via kotaku.com]