Bastion PS4 PlayStation 4

After what feels like an eternity, Supergiant Games' brilliant Bastion will finally flock to the PlayStation 4 on 7th April. The release date was announced for North America as part of Sony's impressive Spring Fever promotion, which means that there'll be a 10 per cent discount available for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Sadly, the Vita version won't be ready on the same day, but the title will still be cross-buy when the handheld port eventually arrives.

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For those out of the loop, the whimsical, award winning adventure sees you assume the role of the 'Kid', as he embarks on an isometric adventure through a floating fantasy world. Its defining feature, however, is the inclusion of a dynamic narrator, who comments on your escapade in realtime as it unfolds. Will you be giving this game a go for the first time, or have you already played it on other formats? Tell us a tale in the comments section below.

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