You probably won't need a particularly long memory to remember Sony's press conference derailing Powers segment at a recent E3, but you may be pleased to learn that the platform holder has followed through with the project. While Microsoft has already scrapped its entire television division, the Japanese giant's blundering ahead, with its live action comic book adaptation set to premiere from 10th March on the PlayStation Store in North America.

The first three episodes will be available from the abovementioned date, but the remaining instalments will deploy every Tuesday from there on out. You'll be able to stream the first episode for free, but will have to pay for the rest, unless you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, as premium members will be able to enjoy the entire season without charge. There's no word on whether this will be available in Europe just yet, but it seems somewhat unlikely to us.

"As I sift through different cuts of the episodes and the raw footage, I've been hearing from our cast on the set about how much fun everyone has been having," executive producer Brian Michael Bendis explained on the PlayStation Blog. "They battled the Atlanta weather and the flu and they pulled together and really gave it their all." For those out of the loop, the story is based upon two homicide detectives who must investigate cases involving people with superpowers.

To be fair, the premise does sound kind of cool, even if this isn't quite where we'd like to see Sony investing our subscription money. Still, are you willing to give this a shot, and would you like to see more exclusive media hit the PlayStation Store in the future? Show us your powers in the comments section below.