"Is it really as easy as The Walking Dead?"

While the likes of Sir Galahad and crew may require the murky MacGuffin Blackwater to keep their senses sharp, you clearly won't be needing any of the misty liquid to earn the Platinum Trophy in The Order: 1886. Bucking current industry trends, the PlayStation 4 exclusive will boast just 22 Trophies in total – and none of them will require you to beat the game on controller crushing difficulty.

Instead, most of the Victorian trinkets involve getting a certain number of kills with a specific weapon and gobbling up all of the hidden items and objects in the game world. This may prove concerning for those of you worried that there may not be much replay value in the release, but Trophy Hunters all over will already be licking their lips at the prospect of a free Platinum gong.

In other news, the developer confirmed today that the game has gone gold, which means that it's being pressed onto discs as we squeak. To coin a phrase from a famous football manager, that probably also means that it's Squeaky Bum Time at Ready at Dawn right now – after all, it's borderline impossible to tell how this will be received. Let's hope for the best, huh?

[source exophase.com]