DriveClub PS4 PlayStation 4

DriveClub's much anticipated PlayStation Plus Edition is still stuck in a showroom somewhere, but Sony seems eager to capitalise on the good word of mouth surrounding the release right now. Following a lengthy spell in the top ten of the UK sales charts, the manufacturer has reduced the price of the PlayStation 4 exclusive racer's PlayStation Plus upgrade, meaning that you can now purchase the full game for £19.99 on the PlayStation Store – assuming that you're a premium member.

The boxed version's currently £34.99 new on, so that's a solid saving, even if it was a similar price in some stores over Christmas. The discount's still stuck at $49.99 in North America, so you may want to do some shopping around before you pull the trigger overseas. Either way, purchase the title you should, as it's really shaped up in recent weeks. A free update this month will add a series of Japanese tracks, which you can sample through here.

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