Complex cosplay

Mortal Kombat has always been dumber than a 90s Jim Carrey movie, but the series did go through a period where it took itself a teensy bit too seriously. Fortunately, there's no danger of that occurring in the forthcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 sequel Mortal Kombat X, as this absolutely hilarious trailer evidences.

In it, we finally get a proper look at returning kontestants [Sorry – Ed] Kung Lao and Kitana, complete with some of the stupidest sound bites this side of a Casio Keyboard. It's the moves that are most ridiculous, though, as the aforementioned Edenian princess finishes off her foe by cutting into their brain like butter.

The only disappointment is that four-armed fighter Goro has been tied up as a pre-order bonus, and you'll need to shop at the notoriously expensive GAME if you want to get access to him in the UK. It looks like those of you in North America will have a little more choice, as there's no specific store attached to the extra overseas.

Are you in a blind rage over this sneaky move, or has the hilarious video soothed your mood? Finish us in the comments section below.

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