Gloves off time

With respect to all of the parties involved, Polish developer Techland probably thought that it was trading up when it dumped Deep Silver for Warner Bros. The former has grown a lot since it hung its hat on the Dead Island brand, but its army of IPs – even with Homefront, Saints Row, and Metro added to its stable – can't really compete with LEGO and Batman (or, indeed, LEGO Batman).

Still, the studio seems pretty darn peeved with its publisher regarding Dying Light's recent disc delay. For those that didn't get the memo, the game is finished and ready to release – but Blu-ray copies have yet to be printed for EMEA regions. This means that the title will launch digitally next week, but large parts of the world will have to wait for the physical version.

Naturally, this has prompted plenty of disappointment, but the developer's been quick to point the finger of blame elsewhere. "We would like to remind fans and media that Techland is responsible for developing and creating Dying Light," an evidently irked spokesperson told "The publishing and distribution of the game is not handled by us."

It's been several days since the delay was announced, but we still don't have an idea when the game will hit store shelves in the affected territories. To be fair, we can appreciate how frustrating this must be for the developer; the title was just starting to build up some buzz, but this is a setback that it may struggle to recover from. At least we now know who's to blame, huh?