Dying Light is easily the biggest game set to deploy on the PlayStation 4 this month – sorry, Resident Evil – so we figured that you may fancy a sneaky peek at its corpse ridden map. The rotting playground known as Harran may not be enormous, but this brand new PlayStation Access video shows off some of its districts, from a smelly sewage area to the densely populated rooftops of a South American-style favela.

The footage focuses on a few of the moves that you'll be able to perform while you manoeuvre between dead bodies, such as drop kicks and head stomps. Given that it's an open world game, the tightly crafted courses found in Mirror's Edge appear to be missing in action – but maybe it takes a little while to nail all of the moves that link things together. Either way, we're quite impressed with the draw distance and overall density of the setting.

Are you looking forward to scaling some skyscrapers while being chased by scaly stiffs? Run as fast as you can in the comments section below.

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