Take that out of your basket

Sony frequently acts like a headless chicken, and this is just another example of miscommunication making the company look like it hasn't got a clue. The firm announced its 10 per cent PlayStation Network discount earlier in the week, revealing that it would not be compatible with PlayStation Plus subscriptions, Music Unlimited memberships, or video rentals. Pre-orders, apparently, would be game.

Except, the manufacturer's now changed its mind on that matter. An update on the PlayStation Blog explains that pre-orders will not be eligible, meaning that if you'd hoped to get some money off Bloodborne or The Order: 1886, you may have to reconsider. To be honest, this wouldn't be so bad if it had made things clear in the first place, but instead, it now looks like it doesn't know how its own promotion works. Quelle surprise.

[source blog.us.playstation.com]