PlayStation Store Voucher

Christmas may be gone, but the gifts keep coming. As part of Sony's apology for the PlayStation Network outage over the holidays, the platform holder has announced that you'll be able to use your pledged 10 per cent discount voucher this weekend in both Europe and North America. The offer will open at 09:00AM local time on 23rd January, and will end at 09:00AM local time on 26th January. Your cart will be discounted upon using a code during the checkout procedure that will be revealed on the PlayStation Store and Twitter later this week. We'll also post it here, of course.

The promotion will be available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but those of you wanting to make Vita purchases will have to use the online store instead. Not everything will be included in the offer, such as PlayStation Plus subscriptions, Music Unlimited memberships, and video rentals. Everything else, like Season Passes and DLC packs, should be good to go, though.

This writer is planning to pick up a copy of the PSone classic Alundra with her discount. The question is: what will you be buying? Save some money in the comments section below.

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