Saints Row is no stranger to cancelled games, as regular readers may recall the PlayStation Move-based brawler that was revealed recently. However, this footage from Saints Row: Money Shot is a first for us, as it shows a free-to-play arcade game that was once in production for the PlayStation 3 – and was clearly inspired by Korn's oddly compelling Freak on a Leash music video.

For those unfamiliar with the late 90s Kerrang classic, the clip sees dreadlocked lead singer Jonathan Davis guiding a bullet by making all sorts of strange snarling noises into his microphone. And that's more or less what you glimpse in this leaked video of the aforementioned game, as it sees you firing a projectile from an extraordinarily long distance, and guiding it towards its target. There are various other sub-objectives that you need to complete along the way to maximise your score, like hitting pigeons and mannequins.

It's essentially an endless runner in Saints Row form, and while it's clearly extremely early in this clip, we reckon that there's the nugget of a good idea there – especially if it was intended as a free download. THQ did go through a phase prior to its demise where it released several bitesized games digitally to build up anticipation for its forthcoming retail releases – isometric shooter Red Faction: Battlegrounds being one of them. To be honest, though, we doubt that that model will be used again.

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