Hey Professor Genki, take the Money Shot.

The downloadable game (content?) promised to put you in control of a cypher, "a deadly assassin in the world of Saints Row with the most sophisticated weaponry that Ultor has to offer."

According to the description, Money Shot was a mini-game in which you used said complex weaponry to  "control the path of your bullet" and steer it through obstacles towards a specified target.

But the game has been missing in action for some time. With Saints Row: The Third right around the corner, WorthPlaying has grilled THQ boss Danny Bilson about the title, to which he explained that the mini-game will still release as a PlayStation Network title.

"In the case of Money Shot, it will be on PSN as a Sony offering, and I'm pretty sure it's free," the core games boss revealed.

It smells like a PlayStation Plus give away to us. We wonder if it will be a stand-alone experience or something that plugs into The Third's main campaign a la DLC.

With THQ's open-world adventure out any day now, we're sure Sony and THQ will have something to announce. Especially now the cat's out of the bag.