Saints Row: The Cooler PS3 Move

In many ways, the PlayStation Move seems like a perfect controller for the Saints Row series – after all, the ill-fated motion wand already resembles a great big vibrating... Seriously, though, has unearthed a bunch of information on Saints Row: The Cooler, which was in development back in 2010 for Sony’s illuminating instrument.

The game itself – in production at Heavy Iron Studios, the team behind UFC Fitness Trainer – was a brawler, in which you’d pick fights with disorderly goons. The combat would involve blocks, kicks, and punches, and brawls would play out from a first-person perspective. It sounds a little bit like The Fight: Lights Out, which we actually rather enjoyed.

As for the name, The Cooler was apparently a reference to the release’s main character, who was a bouncer. Indeed, your role would be to ‘cool off’ heated situations – primarily with your fists. There’d also be minigames for you to partake in, such as poker. Sadly, the title was canned after around six months of development – despite being 60 per cent complete at that point. Shame?

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