Dying Light

If you haven't been paying attention, it's a new year, which means that it's also time for a slew of starry-eyed but ultimately unrealistic resolutions. Most people go for the usual suspects – fitness, work promotions, gaming backlog reductions – but this gory new trailer for PlayStation 4 zombie sim Dying Light recommends a much more violent approach.

In truth, there isn't a whole lot of new footage here, but it does still give us a nice overview of the quickly approaching release, while also showing off a lighter side to its seemingly solemn scenario. Oh, and it may just be for the sake of the joke, but we're pretty sure that we saw a character fishing at some point in the clip. Is this a confirmation that Techland's latest will include all manner of aquatic sports? Ahem. Probably not.

Still, we played the game last year and came away cautiously optimistic, so perhaps this lack of underwater escapades won't be such a big deal. Do you share our zeal for throttling the small traces of life out of the living dead? Will you be picking up Dying Light when it releases later this month? Harangue the undead horde in the comments section below.

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