Point to the sky

It's not getting as much attention as The Order: 1886 or Bloodborne, but MLB 15 The Show is unlikely to be anything but a homerun for Sony San Diego. The latest entry in the seminal sporting series will round out a sensational few months for the Japanese manufacturer, and in order to build some excitement, community manager Ramone Russell has hopped onto the PlayStation Blog to detail just why this year's game of ball will be the best ever.

For starters, it'll be the first entry to take advantage of year-to-year saves on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, meaning that you'll be able to pull your progress from last year's instalment forward without hassle. It'll also boast licensed equipment, though this won't be present in the handheld release. Fortunately, all of the tweaks to the popular Franchise Mode will feature across all versions, as will the addition of 30 legendary players.

On the PS4 in particular, the developer has delved back under the hood to really overhaul the visuals. These improvements will include real-time seasonal sun and shadows, as well as new grass and dirt. It's also added in ten fresh Minor League Stadiums, and a new 'Inside The Show' broadcast feature, which "will discuss recent scores, notable performances, team news, milestones, records, standings, and more".

There's quite a lot for fans to sink their teeth into over on the PlayStation Blog, so rather than trying to run down every feature here, we'll redirect you to the original post if you're looking for specifics. "As you can see, our goal this year was to build off the solid foundation of MLB 14 and expand on the game that we love to make MLB 15 The Show the best baseball game ever made," concluded an enthusiastic Russell. The first gameplay footage will debut on Twitch next week.

Meanwhile, the fine folks over at SCEE have confirmed that, for the first time in the franchise's history, it'll launch in Europe during the same week as North America. Of course, there'll be no physical version on these shores, but you can look forward to downloading a digital copy from 1st April – just one day after the title's previously announced North American launch date of 31st March. Are you game for more MLB? Make a clean connection in the comments section below.

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