Happy chap

Having covered games like The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV for almost the entire life of this very site, we can't help but smile when a title is officially announced mere months before release. One such game is Toukiden: Kiwami, which was only revealed a week or so ago, but is already closing in on its March launch.

A few days ago, we brought you some comparison screenshots between the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions, and now we're back with a blissfully short trailer, showing off the title's endless Oni slaying mode. We've also embedded some pre-order bonuses below, so you know where best to register your interest in this enhanced re-release.

This is probably the easiest article that we'll pen all week. We're going to treat ourselves to a handful of Jelly Babies as a reward. The green ones are the best, no?

North American Pre-Order Bonuses

  • GameStop – Armor inspired by new slayers Reki and Soma's costumes and classic armor from Toukiden's six original NPC slayers.
  • Amazon – 2 exclusive pieces of armor: a set of Tenko Gloves and a Chthonian Fiend Mask.

European Pre-Order Bonuses

  • GAME – Additional armor for their slayer, fashioned after new-comers' Soma and Reki's costumes.
  • Independent Retailers through CentreSoft – The armors of Toukiden's six original NPC slayers.
  • ShopTo.net and PlayStation Network – 2 pieces of armor: a set of Tenko gloves and a Chthonian Fiend Mask.

[source vg247.com]