"I'll be right back"

We know that PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn is supposed to scare us just as much as it makes us laugh, but how does developer Supermassive Games plan to pull off this trick? Well, for a start, it's hired some truly talented horror writers.

"We have Larry Fassenden and Graham Reznick as our script writers,” Supermassive staffer Jez Harris said. “They are horror encyclopaedias in human form and have worked on all sorts of acclaimed horror movies, like The Innkeepers and Stakeland.”

Harris also stated that the team has been attempting to play with typical genre conventions. “What we want to do is put you in a playable horror movie," he continued. "We want to make you feel like you know what’s going on and that you’re in your comfort zone. Then we can yank you out of it extremely hard as the twists and turns play out.”

Most intriguing of all, though, is the fancy technology the studio is using to help ensure it properly delivers the scares. "We do a lot of work with galvanic skin response,” Harris stated. “We have testers strapped into apparatus that monitors their temperature and the level of moisture in their skin. We’ll sit and watch the data as the person plays the game, and if we get a good spike we know we’re doing our jobs right."

What do you make of Until Dawn? Does its schlocky fun appeal to you, or would you prefer something a bit more serious? Take a walk in the haunted woods in the comments section below.

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