"OMG! This game is so dumb"

Until Dawn received a rapturous response at PlayStation Experience last week. While the jury may still have been out on this David Cage-esque survival horror escapade, any concerns seemed to fade away with the spontaneous crowd engagement during Sony’s keynote. At the conference, though, we only got to see a couple of minutes of the PlayStation 4 exclusive’s brand new demo, so how about watching the full thing?

In this eight minute clip, Hayden Panettiere is shown exploring the remote lodge that acts as the backdrop for this Cabin in the Woods-inspired experience. As was the case with the demo that we played earlier in the year, this sequence is filled with jump scares – many of which don’t even make sense. It also shows off some of the title’s quirky mechanics, such as the need to hold your controller steady to avoid being caught by your creepy pursuer.

Clearly this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but the sheer stupidity of the whole thing has rocketed it right to the top of this author’s wishlist. Are you with us? Roll your eyes in the comments section below.

[source blog.us.playstation.com]