Andrew House
Image: PlayStation

Sony's selling the PlayStation 4 at a frightening pace, with the console's install base already sitting at a dizzying 18.5 million units. The crazy thing is that the system's showing no signs of slowing down, with this year's software lineup looking infinitely stronger than 2014. And in an interview with Nikkei, as translated and reported on by DualShockers, group gaffer Andrew House has hinted that even internally the organisation is a little shocked by the machine's success.

Speaking on a regional basis, the affable executive said that Japanese sales are in line with expectations, and the same is true in North America, despite competitive price promotions from Microsoft. It's in Europe, however, that the device is performing beyond expectations, with stocks even running low on the continent over Christmas. House said that he now expects the next-gen system to surpass the PlayStation 3's sales by the end of the generation.

He added that 2015 will prove the strength of the platform, with first-party endeavours like The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne just the tip of the iceberg. We recently wrote an article outlining why we think the PS4 is selling so well, but we want to know whether you're shocked by the success of the system. Did you expect Sony to get on top so quickly, or did you think that this gen would be a closer contest? Ponder the platform holder's position in the comments section below.

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