"Yes! I got the last one"

Regular readers may recall our obsession with PlayStation 4 stock last Christmas. Sony’s next-gen system was a smash hit at launch, and we were busy scouting out UK and US stores in order to provide you with as much information as possible on fresh supply. Things have, understandably, eased out over the past twelve months – but SCE gaffer Andrew House warns that inventory may run extremely low in Europe over the coming days.

“If I look at Europe, I think that it is potentially, for the second year running, going to be quite inventory challenged,” he said as part of an interview with Reuters. “I'm not going to say that you won't be able to find a PS4; I think that it's going to be kind of hand to mouth in terms of that market.” Sadly, the executive refused to provide any firm numbers from the region – but if you’re dawdling over a Christmas console, you may want to nab one now before it’s too late.

Only yesterday, PlayStation France announced that the appliance had surpassed one million units in the nation, making it the third European country to cross the milestone. In fact, based on what we know, the Japanese giant’s latest device is selling like crazy across the entire continent, which makes House’s comments that little bit more believable. Have you started to see any stock shortages in your area? Panic buy in the comments section below.

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