Well that looks grim

The Danganronpa games are a bit weird. They're full of over-the-top characters, pop culture references, and ridiculous murders, but believe it or not, the first game, Trigger Happy Havoc, was even stranger before its content was finalised.

Over on Unseen64.net, the details of the title's creation have been spilled. Originally named Distrust and starting life on the PSP, the game featured slightly more realistic character designs, and a much, much creepier version of Monokuma. In general, there was more blood, gore, and less of a dark comedy vibe.

Apparently, developer Spike Chunsoft suffered from internal disagreements about the title's art style, and it was eventually changed to what we know today. And if you were wondering why blood in the finished game is pink, it was initially altered from red to keep the age rating down, but the developer says it ended up perfectly suiting the release's style anyway. That worked out well, then.

Take a look at some of the original images that we've embedded, and tell us all about your Monokuma-induced nightmares in the comments section below.

[source unseen64.net]