Uncharted PS4 PlayStation

Omnipresent actor Troy Baker has worked with Nolan North in a Naughty Dog game before – but this time it seems that their relationship will be a little less frosty. The thespian – who’s perhaps best known for his roles as Booker in BioShock Infinite and Joel in The Last of Us – confirmed on Twitter that he will be playing protagonist Nathan Drake’s older brother in the forthcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

“’Good to see that you're alive, little brother,’” the productive performer wrote in reference to one of his alter-ego’s lines. “Yes, that was me. Damn proud.” It’s unclear how the hero’s previously unmentioned sibling will fit into the narrative, but the dialogue from the PlayStation Experience snippet seemed to suggest that he’s roped the lead character into yet another suicide mission. You can catch the clip through here.

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