PS4 France One Million

There’s no doubt that the French appreciate the finer things; snails, frogs’ legs, and now the PlayStation 4 are all an important part of the nation’s daily life. Writing on Twitter earlier today, PlayStation France confirmed that the next-gen console has now exceeded one million units in the region, making it the third European country to cross the milestone.

Those of you with strong memories may recall the system passing the seven digit figure in September in the UK, with Germany following a few months later. This achievement not only makes the device the fastest selling format of all-time in France, but it also emphasises the PS4’s lead in Europe, where it’s only really facing competition in Britain.

“The demand for the PS4 is still very strong since launch, even stronger than the PlayStation 2, which was the best-selling console ever until the launch of the PS4, and we’re thrilled with the response from gamers,” said SCE France managing director Philippe Cardon. “Our focus has been making the PS4 the best place to play, so we’re delighted that so many gamers have made it their system of choice.”

Sony lost the most recent NPD report in North America, but Microsoft had to seriously reduce the price of the Xbox One in order to gain the upper-hand. With all of the Redmond firm's efforts invested into the US and the UK, though, it looks like the Japanese giant is really starting to enforce its dominance elsewhere. 2015 could be a lucrative year...

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