Just a small present

In theory, Secret Santa is a great idea. Everyone in an office or school gets assigned one random person, and they’re responsible for purchasing said individual a gift. The problem is that when there are already established relationships at play, phallic objects are usually the order of the day. Involve a stranger, though, and things get a little more interesting – especially where this heart warming story is involved.

A few days ago, one Reddit user posted a picture of their Reddit Secret Santa haul. It included a PlayStation 4 with Destiny, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Assassin’s Creed Unity, The Last of Us Remastered, and many more. The poster exclaimed: “I’m on the verge of tears. If I find my Secret Santa, I’m going to kiss them a lot.” He later wrote that he didn’t have much money this Christmas, and was “shaking while opening the box”.

The really cool thing about Reddit Secret Santa is that usernames, rather than real-life associates, are put into a hat, and when you’re matched, the site gives you a little time to stalk your online contact in order to buy them an appropriate gift. Whether Sony third-party relations executive Adam Boyes had done some research into his partner or not, it seems like his present hit the spot. “Glad to see my Secret Santa liked his care package,” he tweeted. “Definitely not interested in any kisses in return, though.”

They do say that giving is the route to real happiness, and while Boyes probably didn’t have to pay for all of these goodies, we daresay that he’s made someone’s Christmas this year. We’re feeling all warm and fuzzy inside just writing this...

[source np.reddit.com, via twitter.com]