Set phasers to fun

If you ever wanted evidence of the importance of indies in this day and age, then this is it. American publication Game Informer has unveiled the cover of its January issue, and it features PlayStation 4 title No Man’s Sky. It’s all part of the magazine’s sci-fi special, which includes additional coverage of Destiny: The Dark Below, Star Wars Battlefront, and more.

It’s set to be a big week for teensy Guildford developer Hello Games, as its latest project is set to feature at both The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience later this week. It looks like we should anticipate some big reveals, too, as Game Informer’s story promises information on the enemy forces that you’ll be battling, as well as economy and upgrade details.

The intergalactic excursion is due out next year on Sony’s super machine, and is sure to represent one of the format’s flagship 2015 releases. Are you looking forward to learning more about the luscious outing? Set a course for the stars in the comments section below.