Batman: Arkham Knight PS4

Batman: Arkham Knight has been hiding out in Wayne Towers for a little longer than we would have liked of late, so it’s nice to see the PlayStation 4 superhero sequel score over three minutes of brand new gameplay footage. This is the first of three clips, with the final trailer to be shown during Sony’s keynote at its PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas. Is that the first indication that the forthcoming get together will have a press conference-esque format to it?

We’re not certain – but we do know that this clip is impressive. The wealth of acrobatic abilities added to the Caped Crusader’s arsenal are stunning to say the least, with the star taking out foes from beneath vents, and in conjunction with the Batmobile. The way that the release appears to segue between car combat, navigation, and straight-up action is amazing – but this trailer does seem to be heavily edited.

Still, if the gameplay’s as frantic as it appears here, then this is going to be an extraordinary end to Rocksteady’s already stellar series. It’s looking amazing, too, with the button prompts suggesting that this is actual PS4 footage – though it could also be captured from a PC. Either way, are you impressed by what you’ve seen? Shove our head into an electric panel in the comments section below.