Sadly, that's not 6th February

Despite originally being pegged for October, the PlayStation 4 will be forced to wait until 2nd June for the Dark Knight to spring into action. Warner Bros has revealed that Batman: Arkham Knight will deploy on the aforementioned date on Sony’s next-gen super machine, occupying that increasingly popular summer slot just prior to E3.

In addition, there’ll be two collector’s editions available at launch. The bog standard Limited Edition will come with a steelbook case, an 80-page art book, a comic book, three character skins based on The New 52, and an “imposing statue” of the titular superhero. Meanwhile, the more expensive Batmobile Edition will include all of the above minus the statue, with a replica of Bruce Wayne’s favourite sports car in its place.

It is a relatively big delay, but considering the title never looked like hitting its 2014 release date, we’re not surprised to see it pushed back so far. Regardless, with the likes of Bloodborne and The Witcher III: Wild Hunt due out early next year, we’re going to need those extra months to give our bank balance time to recover.

Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 2
Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 3