The Banner Saga PS4

Ever since it started to submerge itself in the world of indie games, Sony has developed a habit of announcing dozens of titles in one swift swoop. And that’s exactly what the platform holder’s done today, once again highlighting just how awkward the game creation module in this website’s content management system is to use. Sort it out, Dickens.

Seriously, though, while this article may only take a couple of minutes to type, we’re going to be here literally hours making pages for Claymation adventure game Armikrog, turn-based strategy title The Banner Saga, tactical role-playing game Kyn, and the intriguing Toren. All four will launch early next year on the PlayStation 4.

There’s more information about each title available on the PlayStation Blog, and if you want to go hands-on with any of them, you’ll be able to do so at the PlayStation Experience event in December. We were going to type some snarky comment about people hating indie games to close out this article, but we figured that that one’s probably running a little bit thin by now. As you were, then.