PaRappa the Rapper PS4

Vib Ribbon’s recent release on the PlayStation Network has proven that new SCEA boss Shawn Layden has his heart in the right place. While he may not yet have a commanding stage presence like his predecessor Jack Tretton, the suit certainly knows PlayStation through and through, having previously worked with the firm in both London and Japan.

It’s through his endeavour that the aforementioned PSone Classic recently hit the PlayStation Store in Europe and North America – and now he’s being asked about PaRappa the Rapper as well. “We’re looking at [that],” he told Wired. “But that's a more complex rights package.” Don’t give up, Shawn – what would Chop Chop Master Onion say?

Layden added that SCEA is trying to be more responsive to fan requests. “If someone comes to me about something that they would like to have back on the platform, and it's in my power to make it happen… I mean, why wouldn’t we?" he said. As much as we’d like to see PaRappa the Rapper return, though, we’d prioritise those Crash Bandicoot petitions. Buy the darn brand back, Sony!