War never changes – unless, of course, they’re console wars. Ever since Sony dropped its anti-DRM bomb at E3 last year, both the Japanese giant and Microsoft have learned that the best way to ingratiate themselves to potential consumers is to act like their best friend. Every press conference now concludes with a message of ‘thanks’ from chief executives, while sales milestones can no longer be mentioned without acknowledging the millions of people that helped them to be achieved.

We suppose that it’s nice in a way, but we can’t help but see through the insincerity of it all. We’re not saying that these companies aren’t grateful to their fans for the success that they’re achieving, but the constant pandering comes across a little bittersweet to us.

The corporate backslapping's the worst, though. Take this message from Xbox France, congratulating the PlayStation 4 on its first European birthday. It’s better than bickering trolls, for sure – but it’s all a bit bleurgh, isn’t it? Then again, we suppose that we’re playing into the PR machine by posting this in the first place.