Sly Cooper PS4

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was a fine title. While we felt that it tip-toed a little too closely to Sucker Punch’s pre-established PlayStation 2 platformer blueprint, we really liked that nostalgic quality to it. The game actually sold surprisingly well, too, charting on the NPD best sellers list last February – and apparently accruing some tidy numbers as a consequence.

That’s led many to assume that the studio’s working on a sequel, but in a statement posted on its Facebook page, the organisation has revealed that that’s not actually the case. “While we, like you, dearly love the Cooper gang, we are not currently working with PlayStation on a project and there are no plans to work on another Sly Cooper title,” a spokesperson said.

It’s unusual to see a company outwardly confirm that it’s not working on a particular project, but we suppose that it was widely assumed that a PlayStation 4 sequel was in the works. To be honest, with the franchise’s first film right around the corner, we’re a little surprised by this revelation – perhaps Sucker Punch’s new project may not be more inFAMOUS after all.