Just Cause 3 PS4

Just Cause 2 may have gotten multiplayer courtesy of a community mod extremely late in its life, but the game’s upcoming PlayStation 4 sequel won’t boast any competitive or co-operative play at launch. Christofer Sundberg, who’s the outspoken gaffer in charge of developer Avalanche Studios, confirmed the tidbit in an interview with Game Informer magazine.

“The mod is absolutely fantastic,” he enthused. “We owe those guys a lot. They have actually supported the game and helped it stay alive so many years after it was released. We don't expect the fans to make the multiplayer for Just Cause 3, but at some point you have to make a choice on where your focus is. Our strength is the sandbox experience.”

Of course, Sundberg wouldn’t rule out the possibility of some kind of online component being integrated in the future. “Maybe sometime down the line, we'll take Rico into the modern world of multiplaying,” he said. Is this something that you’re personally interested in, or is Just Cause all about the solo silliness for you? Jump out of a jet, and into the comments section below.

[source gameinformer.com]