"Anyone fancy playing Skyrim?"

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may be several years old now, but it still holds enough sway to spark conversation around the 'net. Bethesda's open world RPG was a massive success, and speaking to Gamesindustry.biz, Dragon Age: Inquisition's executive producer Mark Darrah cites the fantasy adventure's popularity as a turning point for the genre.

"Skyrim changed the landscape for role-playing games completely," Darrah begins. "Skyrim sold 20 million [units]. So that, to some degree, changes everything." The idea that Bethesda's creation introduced a new generation to RPGs doesn't come as a shock, but the developer goes on to say that "suddenly you have 15 million people that have basically had the first RPG they've ever played as Skyrim". Darrah continued: "They have totally different expectations of what storytelling is, what exploration is, and I think exploration is really where we've seen the biggest change."

Indeed, perhaps the biggest alteration Inquisition brings to the franchise is its vast and relatively open world. "The hardware has brought back the ability to do big again and I think that's what's bringing role-playing games back to the forefront," states Darrah, and we can definitely see where he's coming from. We can't think of a recent open world game that didn't feature some RPG elements, and it's clearly a structure that benefits the genre itself.

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