Shadow of Mordor Acid Spitter

By now, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor has won over the hearts and minds of many a player, so we suppose that it's the perfect time to reveal the title's latest slice of downloadable content, Lord of the Hunt.

Promising hours of new story content, the DLC missions will see you team up with eager dwarf Torvin, as you hunt down newly added wildlife and slaughter a host of new Beastmaster Warchiefs, who sound rather intimidating to say the least. These fresh enemies will apparently need to be thrown off their mounts before you put them to the sword, which should be fun, considering protagonist Talion himself can ride on the back of various creatures.

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It sounds like a pretty meaty slice of content, as it aims to populate the wilderness with new beasts like the poison spitting graug, and stealthier caragor known as caragath. You'll also be given the ability to dominate ghuls, and use groups of them to support your endeavours in battle, all while wearing a new Lord of the Hunt skin.

The DLC will be free to those who purchased the season pass, and, reportedly, it'll set you back $9.99 if you plan on buying it alone. Are you still enamoured with the game's orc infested world, or have you moved beyond the dreary lands of Mordor? Dodge and weave through entire ugly armies in the comments section below.

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