PlayStation Network PSN Offline

Well, this is starting to look bad, isn’t it? We understand that networks go wrong sometimes, but Sony’s got to ensure that the PlayStation Network stays online longer than this – if only to avoid a constant barrage of negative press. Indeed, there are reports around the web right now that the Japanese giant’s online platform is, well, offline globally.

Errors being reported include ‘NW-31201-7’ and ‘CE-34861-2’, which Sony spokesperson Chris Owen has said that the company is investigating. There are some theories that the firm’s preparing for a stealth firmware update, but this maintenance is unscheduled if so, and that seems like poor form. Obviously, another possibility is a DDoS attack like last time.

Either way, let’s hope that it doesn’t remain out for long. We’ll keep you updated as and when we know more.

Update: As British pop group D:Ream once sang, things can only get better. Sony appears to have taken that message to heart, as the PSN is returning to normal around the globe. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on the situation, but everything should be back in working order imminently.