You may recall a rumour that was floating about the internet late last year which suggested that PlayStation 3 classic The Unfinished Swan would be recklessly flinging paint onto the PlayStation 4. The speculations were soon shot down, but we've kept our fingers crossed ever since. Apparently all our appendage-based acrobatics have paid off, because the game will be re-released in Japan in the coming weeks.

Indeed, the artsy title will be launching in the Land of the Rising Sun for PS4 and Vita on 23d October. Unfortunately, no date has been announced for the West, but considering Journey will soon be getting a fancy new version, we don't suspect that this one will be too far off. What's more, we reckon it'll probably be cross-buy when it does arrive. Genius.

Would you be willing to give The Unfinished Swan another shot, or was one nausea-inducing trip through the fantastical world of black paint more than enough? Let us know in the comments section below.

Update: Whoops, it looks like The Unfinished Swan was confirmed for a Western release at GamesCom earlier in the year. As such, expect it to follow in the footsteps of this Japanese version very soon. This author's off to get a paint pelting from the rest of the Push Square crew...