The Unfinished Swan

A series of pictorial Tweets from Sony Santa Monica creative director Nathan Gary hinted that both Journey and The Unfinished Swan could be set to make the long trip onto the PlayStation 4 imminently – but the developer has since clarified that that’s not actually the case. We’re weeping harder than when we finished thatgamecompany’s sandy excursion right now.

The upper executive had posted photos of Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes, and Escape Plan all running on the next generation machine, and then followed those up with images of the abovementioned classics. However, he clarified that playing the PS4 versions of the aforesaid indie hits made him nostalgic, so he “busted out the PS3 to replay some others”.

We still reckon that both games will find their way onto the impending platform eventually. Journey, you may recall, was the fastest selling PlayStation Network game of all time at one point. While it’s hard to imagine it looking much better on the beefier hardware, that’s easy money that we doubt that the firm will be able to ignore.

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