Destiny Dark Below

Destiny's first expansion pack, The Dark Below, is set to release on the 9th December. We already know how much it'll cost, and how it plans to aim for better storytelling, but there are a few smaller, interesting details that you may not have picked up on just yet.

In an interview with, Bungie president Harold Ryan spilled the beans on some lesser additions that may end up being selling points for those who are still enamoured with the sci-fi shooter. "The light level cap will go up to level 32, so for players who are playing into the endgame, they've got a couple of more levels to go, which is going to really help them with the raid and other competitive weekly strikes and events," stated Ryan. After reaching level 20, the only way to develop your Guardian further is to find and equip gear that boasts a 'light' statistic, so it's safe to say that the expansion will be throwing plenty of new armour your way.

Moving on, the developer reveals that the game's bounty system will be getting a slight overhaul: "We're adding new bounty slots as part of this, so people can keep doing the weeklies along with picking up the new content that comes with the expansion. We're going from five to 10." This change sounds especially good to us, because, quite frankly, we're sick of traipsing back to the bounty 'bot just to pick up one last task. However, it does sound like this alteration will be applied in an update, and won't be exclusive to the The Dark Below.

Are you liking the looks of these lesser-known additions, or is this expansion just not for you? Shrug off a wave of thralls in the comments section below.