Official PlayStation League

Venture into any video game message board, and you’ll realise that people already take this industry way too seriously. Still, in order to instil a little more anger into an already quite hostile pastime, Sony has revealed the Official PlayStation League in Spain – an eSports-esque [Shudder – Ed] competitive ladder for those with serious DualShock chops.

Unveiled at the Santiago Bernabéu yesterday (Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t present for the presentation), the initiative will begin this week in España, before extending to Portugal and Italy later in the year. The competition will all be linked to your PlayStation Network account, so it doesn’t sound like you’ll have to do anything extra special to participate.

Of course, you will need to be playing a compatible game, with Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, and FIFA 15 all among the lineup. The programme will have a season structure, with the first running until 11th January. With all of this functionality seemingly built into the PSN, we reckon that Sony may be launching this in Spain first to test it out before going global.

Either way, it certainly seems like a neat idea, with team and individual prizes up for grabs. Would you be willing to participate in the Official PlayStation League if it launched in your region? What game would you specialise on? Make your way to the top in the comments section below.

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