"LEON! Er, where are you?"

The Last of Us and Resident Evil 4 are, in this editor’s eyes, the two greatest horror games ever made – so, like cheese and pineapple, it’s hard to imagine them being anything but amazing when put together, right? Not quite, but this mod by LegalSoul is still fun. It replaces original protagonists Leon and Ashley with Joel and Ellie, and sees the father and daughter double act offing some Los Ganados.

The real highlight, however, is that all of the original audio has been replaced, meaning that Naughty Dog’s narky teenager screams expletives at her enemies, rather than irritatingly shrieking for help like Leon’s unbelievably obnoxious female friend. You can find out how the mod was made through here, along with additional information about a hidden brick eating mechanic – must be some kind of inside joke, huh?

[source residentevilmodding.boards.net, via kotaku.com]